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Toth Performance
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1. New CPPA/Toth Performance aluminum small block and big block Street Fighter heads for sale. Purchase them out of the box with stainless race valves hydraulic springs and 10 degree retainers and locks. Or choose one of my three levels of porting that are available contact Toth Performance 724-791-2514
2. Ported big block stock steel heads 906, 452 and 346 casting numbers. They come with 2.14 & 1.81 stainless race valves bronze valve guides, new springs for hydraulic .550 lift cams and 10 degree locks and retainers. $1450.00 contact Toth Performance 724-791-2514
3. Ported small block Mopar stock steel heads, 2.02 & 1.60 stainless race valves bronze valve guides, new valve springs for .550 lift cams 10 degree locks and retainers $1350.00 contact Toth Performance 724-791-2514
4. Cylinder head porting services available 40 years experience, can port all Mopar heads from slant six to generation II Hemi, cheapest way to gain horse power in your motor. contact me for pricing. Toth Performance724-791-2514
Added February, 2014 From Joel:

1970 dart swinger v-8 auto car parting out complete rust free car

fenders -rust free very good cond. 250.oo ea

drivers qtr panel will cut to spec includes wheel house 250.oo--pass side is hit and dented

drivers door perfect rust free 150.oo without glass--pass side is dented

front bumper perfect core need rechrome 50.oo ea

bumper brackets rust free 50.oo pr

grille good cond but not perfect 75.oo

front fender extensions exc. 50.oo ea

front fender extension chrome fair cond some pits 20.oo ea

rear qtr panel extensions 20.oo ea

tint glass door glass 50.oo ea

tint qtr glass 50.oo ea

tint rear window 100.oo

hood saftey catch 10.oo

hood release 20.oo

vinal roof trim complete all 6 pcs 125.oo

rear trunklid trim in good cond no dents -minor scratches 40.oo

rear qtr pnael extension trim exc. cond 25.oo ea

sidemarkers excellent lenses chrome good but not perfect
-minor pitting , complete with backers and wiring 50.oo ea

tie bar 25.oo

pass headlight bezel 50.oo

bench seat without headrests needs recovered 100.oo excellent tracks

headrest with chrome band no cracks -black nice - 150.oo

rear seat set excellent no cuts or rips excellent- black - 100.oo pr

dash wiring harness for A.C. 100.oo

sunvisors black loose stitching 25.oo pr

seat belt set for bench seat good cond black
150.oo -all

defrost vents 20.oo ea

rear upper steel door panel 15.oo ea

headliner bows 50.oo-set

dome light assy 10.oo

engine compartment
frame rails front clip frame section, inner fenders a.c. firewall excellent rust free350..oo

v-8 torsion bars 50.oo pr

power brake booster assy 100.oo

headlight wiring harness 50.oo

under hood air conditioning parts /compressor/lines ect. 100.oo-all

70 roadrunner parts --------------------------------------------------

air grabber door restorable 85.oo

grille broken tabs and a couple of grille bars missing 10.oo

lower grille plastic (part between bumper and grille) 75.oo

filler piece between bump. and grille (steel) 50.oo

70 383 H.P. motor/ not running/ missing = valve covers/carb/exh manifolds/400.oodated 10 of 69

k-frame 100.oo
qtr panel hardtop glass non tint 50.oo ea

rear glass 150.oo

heater box non a.c. 100.oo

b body parts
70 rallye dash frame 200.oo

70 rallye dash cluster from 70 roadrunner missing tach 200.oo

70 rallye dash a.c. block off plates 25.oo ea
heater vents black 25.oo ea
heater hoses [non a.c. ]
68 rallye dash radio bezel [charger superbee] 50.oo
68 rallye dash non a.c. block off plates [end pcs]25.oo ea
68 rallye dash pc above gl. box 50.oo good cond
poor cond one 10.oo
68 rallye dash harness 250.oo

68 rally harness poor cond has some cut and burnt wires 100.oo

69rallye dash wiring harness 100.oo poor cond , some cut and burnt wires.

69 CHARGER /superbee RALLYE DASH parts

68-9 rallye dash frame with 3 speaker cutouts 150.oo
69 CHARGER /superbee RALLYE DASH frame poor cond 100.oo

68-9 charger /bee rallye dash frame small rust nice cond 100.oo

green padded part on left below rallye guages 50.oo
blue glove box door needs redye 50.oo

blue padded part under rallye cluster non a.c.for rallye dash needs redye right side , has damage from lighter 25.oo

dash pad69-70 blue hard has small hole from tach being mounted 20.oo needs redye,

rallye dash glove box black/blue/tan//green 50.oo ea

1965--383 cast 6-7-65 block & steel crank 250.oo

1965 383 clean turns over dated 6-16-65 500.oo

1968--383 cast 12-28-67 assy 1-18-2 non h.p. block &steel crank

1969---383-cast3-3-69 assy 3-21-2 block&steel crank 250.oo

1969--383 cast 4-23-69 block& steel crank 250.oo

1970 383 dated 1-6-70 non h.p. shortblock 350.oo

1970 383 long block dated 10-10 69 H.P. -blockrods&steel crank 450.oo

1971--383 cast 4-19-71 non h.p.block only 250.oo

1971 --383 cast 11-18-71 non h.p. block & steel crank 250.oo

late model 440.short block, steel crank ,
from truck----siezed from sitting 350.oo

late model 440 ,short block, cast crank
siezed from sitting 250.oo

66 440 block .o4o over 150.oo

65 413 block dated 4-2-64 no caps 100.oo

62-67 383 iron intake #2205968 100.oo

67-69 440 intake # 2806178 i have the following dates

66 440 intake # 2206000 100.oo

65 413 intake # 2206000 100.oo

70 440 iron intake #2951736--dated8-23-69 125.oo

71 383 iron intake #2951666 100.oo

72 factory dual plane iron intake#3614014 25.oo

medium rise single plane alum intake 413-440-100.oo

72 set 100.oo-blaseted primed
no 70s

oil pan # 402 -50.oo

big block water pump housings original iron diff cast #s avail.

67-70 383-hemi water pump housing #2780987--50.oo

big block power steering brackets 50.oo

big block pow st pump with brackets ,.blasted painted, 100.oo

big block 4 groove crank pulley for steel crank 40.oo

big block steel crank 2 groove crank pulley 40.oo

big block water pump pulley for steel crank motor

air cond pulley and bracket for big block steel crank motor 40.oo

non h.p exh. manifolds 40.oo pr many to chosse from

stock rocker shafts 10.oo ea
stock rockers 10.oo-set
stock rocker spacers 10.oo-set
stock bolts and special spacers 10.oo set

parting out 68/69 roadrunner /satellite/gtx

rear core seats50.oo ea

k frame 100.oo

lower control arms for sway 125.oo

sway bar 50.oo

tailights 25.oo ea

tailight housings 25.oo

tailight surrounds 25.oo ea

68-70 b body headliner bows 50.oo set

dash parts green , gl. box door 50.oo

under guages pad non a.c. black , green , blue 50.oo

dash wiring harness 100.oo

dash vents 25.oo ea

rear window trim 150.oo

front window stainless 100.oo

69-71---plymouth division dog dish hubcaps stainless 150.oo exc. qual. set of 4 alum.

68 plymouth stainless dog dish hubcaps excellent 150.oo--4

69 roadrunner/gtx parts
a pillar plastic trim typical attaching pc. broken black 25.oo ea

69 roadrunner tailight lenses nice driver or polish for show qual 25.oo ea

69 roadrunner tailighjt chrome bezels some pitting 25.oo ea

68 roadrunner tailight lenses 25.oo ea

68 roadrunner tailight chrome bezels some pitting 25.oo ea

bumper brackets front 25.oo ea

69 rr/satt headlight bezels 25.oo ea

hardtop door glass non tint 50.oo ea
hardtop qtr glass non tint 50.oo ea
door window regulators 25.oo ea
qtr window regulators 25.oo ea

post coupe door glass pass side 75.oo ea non tint

post coupe qtr glass non tint 100.oo ea

post coupe post stainless 100.oo pr
post coupe inner headliner steel headliner support trim 50.oo ea
post coupe interior qtr panel steel upper door panels 50.oo ea
post coupe door seal stainless 50.oo ea
hardtop rear upper door panels steel 25.oo ea

vent window frames some pitting 25.oo ea
vent window rubber seal 5.oo ea
vent window glass 20.oo ea

69 roadrunner tailights with bezels small pitts , fair cond 25.oo ea
69 rr/gtx tailightqtr. extensions 25.oo ea

black int. parts

rear armrests 15.oo ea with ashtray

heater box non a.c. 100.oo -250.oo

vent box for driver side 25.oo

69 b-body roof cut oversize cant ship 100.oo -175.oo

rear window 150.oo

rear window stainless trim in nice cond, original. 150.oo - set

rear window stainless trim bottom pcs only 50.oo ea single pc.

front windshield stainless trim 100.oo-set

vinal roof trim 100.oo plymouth or dodge 68-70

dual exhaust hanger ( bolts to bottom of body 20.oo

headlight retainer rings 5.oo ea

dash switch panel with switches 100.oo

sidemarker assemblys with reflector and retaining plate 25.oo ea

glove bod lid black,blue .green 50.oo ea

heater control [non a.c. ]50.oo
steering column filler pc[under col]black ,,25.oo

69 gtx tailight lense 75.oo ea

69 gtx tailight bezel pitted 50.oo ea
69 gtx rear finish panel pitted 50.oo

wiper arms 20.oo ea
inside mirror 20.oo

8 3/4 rear axle housing and axles 125.oo

14x5.5h magnum 500 wheels [road wheels ]need restored RUSTY 10.oo ea

10 inch rear drum parking brake parts 20.oo
11 inch rear parking brake parts 20.oo


68 charger doors fair cond some seam rust no rot through 125.oo ea with glass, clear,

69-70 charger doors various conditions 50-125.oo
66-67 coronet /belvedere doors 50-125.oo

66-67 coronet trunklid some small seam rust 100.oo

69 coronet flat hood excellent cond [make your own ramcharger] 200.oo

66-7 coronet left fender fair cond rust in very lower dog leg driver qual. 50.oo

69 roadrunner ,gtx front fender no rust has large dents 75.oo ea . left and right

63 dodge trnklid good cond 125.oo
63 dodge hood exc 100.oo

located in n.w. penn NO SHIPPING

1966+ 1967 DODGE CHARGER parting complete cars

67 dodge factory hubcaps without spinner good cond some dings and dents 200.oo set

66-7 charger door panels black 200.oo-set of 4

full length console 250.oo

console brackets 100.oo-all
console lights 50.oo pr
console wiring 25.oo
console padded rear armrest 25.oo
console padded top 50.oo
console lights 50.oo pr
console wiring 25.oo

headliner 50.oo

guage cluster bezel and guages factory tach 250.oo

dash wiring 150.oo

radio 50.oo

radio/heater control bezel uncut 50.oo

glove box door 25.oo

rear seats nice cond, no rips 100.oo pr

seat belt set for bucket seats black poor cond 50.oo

woodgrain steering wheel one 1/4 inch crack 150.oo
wood grain wheel horn button 25.oo

1966 floor shift steering column coronet/charger/satellite 200.oo

c pillar covers black 100.oo pr

door glass 50.oo ea

qtr glass 75.oo ea

regulators 25.ooea

rear window glass 150.oo
front windshield trim 125.oo

wheel opening mouldings damaged rear 20.oo ea

headlight wiring 75.oo

rear tailights,, have stress cracks pot metal surrounds have pits 300.oo-all

drip rail stainless 50.oo ea

qtr window oustside stainless 75.oo ea

trunklid emblem decent cond hazing of chrome 25.oo

k frame 100.oo

8 3/4 rear axle housing and axles 125.oo

k frame 100.oo

lower control arms with swaybar mounts 125.oo pr

front bumpers 50.oo ea cores

front/rear/ bumper brackets 50.oo pr

much much more
located in n.w. penn

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rear tail panel 50.oo
tailights 25.oo ea

doors no rust some dings 125.oo ea

rallye cluster parts =inquire

rallye dash steel dash only 150.oo

rallye dash harness 150.oo

above glove box plastic trim 25.oo

radio bezel 25 .oo has a extra small hole

auto shift on the column. steering col for power st. 125.oo

lower control arms with sway bar mounts 125.oo pr

complete 318 untouched parting out all pcs
valve covers 25.oo pr
alternator brackets 25.oo
power steering brackets 25.oo
radiator round top 50.oo needs recored.

rear glass some scratches 100.oo

door glass non tint 50.oo ea
qtr glass non tint 50.oo ea
regulators 25.oo ea

headliner bows 100.oo complete set includes small ones
headliner bows does not include small ones 75.oo -set

1 sidemarker for rear [red] very nice chrome 20.oo

roof some rot in sail panel area 100.oo

headlight harness 100.oo

much more
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